sales statistics

13 Spicy Sales Statistics to Shape your Sales Strategy

sales statistics

Sales is one of the most popular jobs in the country, making up close to 13% of all full time jobs in the U.S. (source). Lucky for you, this means there has been tons of research done to determine what works in sales, and what doesn’t. 

In order to help you be as dangerous as possible in the field, here are 13 spicy sales statistics to help you sell better!

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1. 82% of prospects will accept meetings when salespeople reach out to them. (source)

Not a bad ratio when you think about it, eh? Those are better than blackjack odds! You just have to be persistent enough to get them on the phone, which leads us to the next sales statistic… 

2. On average, it will take around 18 calls to get your prospect live. (source)

That might sound like a lot but really, it’s not. If you try your buyer once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and again before leaving the office, you should be able to reach them in less than 4 days.

When you break it down that way, it seems manageable! 

3. Leads that are contacted within the first hour are 7 times more likely to convert. (source)

Timing is everything in sales, but this statistic in particular should raise some eyebrows. Hot leads should be contacted immediately, less you risk the chance of losing them. This might seem obvious, but…

4. 50% of leads never get a second cold call from salespeople. (source

HALF of your leads won’t ever hear you again, on average. That’s low hanging fruit that you could be walking away from. Don’t make this common mistake and always follow up on your leads relentlessly.

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5. 60% of buyers want to discuss pricing on the very first call. (source

Knowing that this is one of the most common (and difficult) sales objections, most reps try to avoid discussing price at all costs – but price doesn’t have to be a scary topic.

If you know the conversation is going to come up during the call inevitably (and based on this sales statistic, it is), you can prepare for how to handle it and slide right into closed-deal town like a stud. 

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6. Opening your call with “how are you” increases your chance of setting a meeting by 3x, but asking “did I catch you at a bad time” reduces your chances by 40%. (source)

This is simply because “how are you” is question that ellicits a response. Asking someone how they are is a polite gesture, and most people will feel obliged to answer.

But asking if it’s a good time will almost always result in them telling you that it is, in fact, not a good time.

7. 75% of buying managers will take action from a cold call or email alone. (source)

That means every touchpoint matters in sales, and you should make sure you’re providing value every step of the way.

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8. 92% of sales reps quit after 4 attemps. However, 80% of prospects will say not say yes until after 5 attemps (source).

This sales statistic proves that persistency pays off. Even when you feel like you might be being annoying, remember that you need to hear “no” a minimum of 4 times before calling it quits.

9. 3/4 of sales emails go unopened. (source)

Yikes, that means only 25% of your emails will be opened. Not to fear, this number is actually on par with the averages across all industries. It just means you need to choose catchy email subject lines that will boost your email’s chances of being opened!

10. 35% of your emails will be opened on a mobile phone. (source)

This is an important sales statistic that you can use to your advantage. When crafting your emails, keep in mind that most mobile phones display the first two lines of text, or roughly 52 characters. Hook your reader within the first sentences in order to seal the deal.

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11. Most people delete nearly half of the emails they receive every day (source)

The same goes for this one: craft attention-grabbing subject lines and openers in order to stand out from the rest.

12. Emails written at a 3rd grade reading level have a 35% higher chance of getting a reply. (source)

When it comes to writing sales emails, less is more and simpler is better. Don’t spend time trying to use intellectual words and jargon, it will only hurt you. The best sales emails are written conversationally using easy to understand language.

13. On average, a total of 7 people are involved in buying decisions in medium-sized businesses. (source)

That’s a lot more than we expected! This means that each person you make contact with at a company could potentially be an influencer in your deal. Make sure to provide value at each interaction, even if they aren’t necessarily the key stakeholder.

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