Adapt or Die: Why Fast-Paced Learning is Key

What a joyful start!

Is this the new Bond movie’s title? No. (but some say it’ll be called… click for spoil!). 

Or maybe Darwin’s epitaph? Wrong. The guy has none.

It’s rather the new 21st century mantra: we live in an ever-changing business environment, with new business models popping up everyday. And this disruption wave is only starting to hit the shore: did you know that the life expectancy of the S&P 500 firms is less than 5 years (Deloitte)? Yes, we live in a world where organizations need to constantly adapt if they want to beat up the competition.

Else, they die. As simple as that.

How? An old solution to a new problem (or is it the opposite?)

Back in 2001, Jack Welch, former GE CEO, was already trying to explain what the key was for organizations to adapt. “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive business advantage”.

No secret for us here: learning is crucial. But more importantly, learning departments should be working hand in hand with the business for organizations to learn at business speed.

Bridging the gap

That’s not what we see out there yet though! Talking to Business Owners, a stunning 92% of them do not see the impact of L&D initiatives on the company performance (Forbes Council, 2018). And talking to L&D Execs, as much as they would like to play an active role in supporting business innovations, only 17% are effectively succeeding (Towards Maturity, 2016).

Time for a change. Time to create true Business/L&D partnerships. Time to empower business experts, along with L&D professionals, to create both engaging and impactful courses at business speed. Time to embrace a new model: the learning organization, where leaders connect to learners, for unrivalled levels of engagement, leading to visible business impact.

Isn’t it what makes the Learning Engagement Platform unique? Hint: it is!

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