Have you addressed the 4 pillars of the Learning Organization?

At 360Learning, we believe that it is by becoming a Learning Organization that a company grows homogeneously towards the same vision.

We encourage our clients to decentralize their learning strategy so that they can directly connect their experts to the rest of the company: connecting leaders to learners.

In theory, it’s a good and simple idea. But in practice, it requires a defined strategy to transform your company into a training organization.

Embracing the Learning Organization

Discover how adopting a culture of learning will increase employee engagement.


Achieving this goal depends on the implementation of a set of tools and methods to structure this knowledge sharing model, and capitalize on the knowledge that is being spread.

We recommend a four-pillar transformation strategy to successfully implement this concept:


Communication is key for any transformation project. It is with a clear communication strategy that our clients can share the advantages of having a Learning Organization and then identify those who are interested in participating.

2. Training your leaders

Once the leaders have been identified, they must be trained on how to share their knowledge: how to use the learning tools and how to display any created content.

Some of our clients have created a specific leader community where they share training programs, best practices, and tips on knowledge diffusion.

3. Content validation process

It is important that the displayed knowledge respects the quality standards of the organization. Information is only useful if it’s clear and easily assimilated!

To help their leaders easily share their knowledge it is advisable to set a clear content template or chart. And finally, in order to insure the quality of the created content, we advise defining a strategy of decentralized validation. Here we encourage peer to peer validation, for example.

4. Reward and recognition

All employees want their work to be rewarded. A reward will motivate the author to create new content and his collaborators to follow their example.

Rewards can take different forms and we encourage our clients to find what works for their team. A bonus or simple recognition by superiors and peers can motivate employees to share their knowledge.


Every strategy may vary according to your organization but with these 4 pillars addressed, your transformation is on track.

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