The Best Sales Videos To Include In Your Sales Training

Alec Baldwin’s “Always Be Closing.” Jordan Belfort’s “Sell me this pen.” Simon Sinek’s “Start with the Why.” Chances are if you’ve ever worked in sales, you’ve seen each of these sales training videos at one point throughout your career. 

Sales is one of the few professions out there that is truly an art form. It takes so much more than learning the scripts and working hard to be successful at sales, which is why shaping top performing reps is such a daunting, yet important task for managers.

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This means that the quality of your sales training will have a huge impact on how successful your reps are. Your sales trainings should inspire, motivate, and set a proverbial fire under your team’s bums – all while demonstrating different ways to tenaciously close the deal. 

Enter sales videos. Video is one of the most powerful tools we have today and more and more companies are beginning to rely on video as the main channel for marketing, sales, onboarding, and you guessed it – training. And since we know you want to deliver the highest class sales training to your team, we’ve put together a list of the best videos to use in your sales trainings!

Glengary Glen Ross – Always Be Closing Sales Training Video

Glen Glengarry Ross Always Be Closing Sales Video

Alec Baldwin’s tough manager portrayal can be a bit intimidating (and perhaps unrealistic), but the message in this movie scene is timeless: always be closing.

As a sales rep it is your responsibility to do your due diligence, provide excellent customer service, and take care of your clients – but at the end of the day, your one and most important job is to sell. Baldwin does a great (and hilariously exaggerated) job of driving this point home!

Watch the whole video here.

The Wolf of Wall Street – Penny Stocks Sales Training Video

Wolf of Wall Street Penny Stocks Sales Training

You’re most likely no stranger to this blockbuster hit, starring Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the notorious Jordan Belfort. While many of the sales tactics portrayed in the film are crazy, unconventional, and downright illegal, you have to admit that Jordan Belfort knew how to sell! 

This video should be shown to all new sales reps as it demonstrates the perfect cold call. First he references the prospects interest – reminding the prospect that they did something at some point that indicated they were interested. 

“You opened my email last week, do you recall? You had attended our webinar last Monday. You downloaded one of our ebooks and requested more information.”

Most of the time, even when it’s truly a cold call, you can find something about the company or person that links you to them. Teach your reps to find something to reference and do so early on in the call, both to begin creating familiarity, and to lower the guard of the prospect.

DiCaprio then gets the prospect saying yes right off the bat (Read more: the importance of getting the prospect to say “yes”) by asking “does that ring a bell?” And then as he explains the reason for his call, he uses the prospect’s first name – further creating a sense of familiarity and making the prospect subconsciously feel safe.

Finally, a bit on the unethical side, Jordan pretends a hot new deal has just slid across his desk, creating a sense of urgency behind the sale and making the prospect feel like if he doesn’t act today, he’ll miss out on a huge opportunity. So many classic sales techniques demonstrated in one short call!

Do you think it worked? Watch the whole video to find out!

Jordan Belfort – Sell Me This Pen Sales Training Video

Jordane Belfort Sell Me This Pen Sales Training Video

Next on our list is a video from Jordan Belfort himself, the man portrayed in The Wolf of Wallstreet. A classic technique in sales training is to ask your reps to “sell you this pen” in order to judge how they would sell something arbitrary, and to begin improving basic sales instincts regardless of the product or service. 

Belfort, as you may know, was one of the most successful salesmen of his time, so watching his take on how to “sell someone a pen” will teach your team a lot about the basis of good salesmanship. Without giving too much away, you will see in the video the emphasis Belfort puts on asking questions as a part of the probing process. (Read more: The science behind asking questions).

Watch the whole clip to see how he does it!

Simon Sinek – Start with the Why Ted Talk Sales Video

Simon Sinek Ted Talk Start With Why Sales Training Video

In this famous Ted Talk given by Simon Sinek, a world renowned author and motivational speaker, your sales team will learn the fundamental reasons why people buy things.

This video will help your team understand the core elements of consumer behavior so that they can build their pitch around the things that have been proven to work.

Sinek’s Ted Talk is one of the most shared videos among sales teams because it teaches people to change the way they think of sales, and should definitely be included in your sales training arsenal! 

Check out the whole video here.

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